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Ok. Here is my curriculum vitae:

  • born 04/30/1975 in Aachen
  • June 1995 Abitur (German School Leaving Certificate) at the Couvengymnasium (Grammar school) in Aachen.
  • September `95 to september ´96 alternative service at MEH
  • October `96 till today student (physics and mathematics, Dipl.) at the Rheinisch Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen
    August `98 Pre-Diploma (Vordiplom) in physics
    August `99 Diploma exam physics subsidiary subject (computer science)
    April `00 Diploma exam in physics (experimental physics)
    August `00 Diploma exam in physics (theoretical physics)
  • June `97 to september `99 Student part time job as a programmer at debis (Daimler-Chrysler-Interservices) GEI.
  • since January `98 staff member of LNS Media
  • WS `98/´99 Teaching assistant at the Department of Mathematics (Algebra)  chair D (Lehrstuhl D)
  • WS `98/´99 Tutor of the course “Linux/Unix” at the Physic-Center of the RWTH-Aachen.
  • SS `99 and WS´99/00 Lehrstuhl E for theoretical physics (Relativistic Quantum-Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory) script
  • March `00 to October `01, Developer at Imperia Software Solutions, Aachen
  • September `02 PhD student at the Research Center Jülich

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